Accessibility at IBM:

Gnome Accesibility Project:

KDE Accessibility Project:

Java Accesibility:

Apple Accessibility:

Eamos: Integrated Virtual Reality environment with an Avatar and Speech Reconition Engine:

Accessibility at Microsoft:


Accesibility in Gaming:

Browser Accessibility Projects:
Accessibility Extensions for Firefox:

W3C Technical Reports an Papers on Accessibility:

Online/Offline Accessibility Tools:

webxact:- a free online service, tests single pages of web content for accessibility:

Vischeck:- An online tool showing you what things look like to someone who is color blind:

Web Accessibility:

E-Learning and Accessibility:

Symbols of Accessibility:

google:-accessible web search:

Graphical Visualizations:

Hyperbolic Visualizations:

Predictive Interfaces/Systems:
Predictive Text Entry:

Dasher:- A graphical predictive text entry system:

Accessible Site Design:

Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping:Making Knowledge Accessible

Accessible e-learning resources for disabled student:

Image and Graphics Accessibility :

Multimedia Accessibility & creating caption video:

Uncategorised till now:

Students First: The Experiences of Disabled Students in Higher Education

Online Accessibility Book

Has Some statistics about disability

Statistics on Disability:

Human Computer Interaction(HCI) & UI design:

Some Inspirations:

Association For Computing & Machinery:

Screen Magnifier:

Disabilities Information Resources:
Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal:


TTS, Screen Readers etc :

Accessibility on Debian GNU/Linux:

Accessibility Tutorials and learning Materials form Open University UK:

Accessibility in Law,Section 508 etc :

Assistive Technology showcase Devices:

The Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST):

California State University:

University of Toront

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