Events in the year 2008

Professional events:

  1. Presented a paper "Automatic Generation of Speech Interface for GUI Tools/Applications using Accessibility Framework" at Techshare India, 2008 - Breaking the Barriers conference.
  2. Interview for an article "Smart And Adaptive Homes" in IT Magazine.
  3. Module co-ordination for ENCO module.
  4. Went to Patna in September (11-24 September 2008) to help at flood relief in Bihar in an IBM led initiative with Sahana (a disaster Management Software).
  5. My talk on "How to write code to Speech Enable any Free/Open Source Software on GNOME desktop" got selected at [Could not make it to the event due to some personal reasons]
  6. Went to a school on Indian Language Speech Recognition at TIFR between Nov 28 - Dec 05, 2008.

Personal Events:

  1. Till now I have lost 15 kgs in weight.
  2. Found new love in Origami and pure mathematics.
  3. Bought a smart phone: Asus P 527.
  4. Attended Cousin's Marriage
  5. Pratyush (my younger cousin) ) got married.
  6. Will be going to winter Himalyan trekking in late December.[Cancelled]

Heart Breaks:

  1. Father's illness; He lost almost 90% vision in one eye.


  1. Spent Maximum time with my parents in last 9 years.
  2. Losing weight and found my lost energy for doing things, I like.


  1. Became a bit emotional this year.
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