Log of 2009
  1. I am 106+ once again :(
  2. Growing obsession to learn more of Geometry and Origami (Nowhere yet :( )
  3. Discovered a better teacher in me this year…
  4. Learning more about Algebraic Topology….
  5. Anumaan released at http://www.cdacmumbai.in/index.php/cdacmumbai/research_and_publications/research_groups/open_source_soft_division/projects/anumaan
  6. An internal release of Anumaan alpha in CDAC Kharghar.
  7. Learnt a little about Group theory and Symmetry.
  8. Discovered fascinating world of Autostereograms.
  9. Took one month leave for my sister's wedding.
  10. Read a lot of books on pure Mathematics. Still a long of way to go…
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