Target for 2009

Professional Targets: (Status so for)

  1. Release Anumaan v1 with some IM support for GNOME by February 2009. (Late But done)
  2. A paper on Anumaan in 2009. (Going on, don't know how much time it will take….)
  3. Give some direction to Mouse Search Light For Blind (moseli). (Lying idle)
  4. A paper on moseli. (No scope this year)
  5. Anuaamn V2 release with Native IM support on GNOME desktop…(Maybe a different path…)

Personal Targets:

  1. Learn Origami effectively. (Very slow progress… Need more time…)
  2. Target OSME. (Not yet anywhere)
  3. Overcome emotions and be more patient. (Out of question)
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